This page contains data from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) about the airport.  All datasets are released in Excel spreadsheets. All datasets have an associated data dictionary with definitions for fields in the dataset.

Noise Exceedance Rating

Eliminating high-level noise events is a long-standing goal of the Airport and the Airport Community Roundtable. As a result the Airport has established single event maximum noise level limits at each noise-monitoring site. These thresholds were set to identify aircraft producing noise levels higher than are typical for the majority of the operations.

Whenever an aircraft overflight produces a noise level higher than the maximum allowable decibel value established for a particular monitoring site, the noise threshold is surpassed and a noise exceedance occurs. An exceedance may take place during approach, takeoff, or possibly during departure ground roll before lifting off. Noise exceedances are logged by the exact operation along with the aircraft type and airline name.

Download Noise Exceedance Ratings Data


Noise Complaint Data

Every day SFO receives calls regarding aircraft operations and the noise produced by them. The Airport records these calls, letters and emails to accurately track the concerns of the community and direct research. Records by year and month of the submitted noise complaints, the total number of complaints and the number of individual calls are grouped by community.

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Power Run-up Data

This information is for the ground run-up testing of the aircraft engines. When maintenance has been or is being performed on an aircraft the mechanics will “run-up” the engines to a higher power setting on the ground to test the repairs or to replicate the reported maintenance issues. SFO reports by year and month the airlines, how many run-ups each has done and their quantity per 1,000 operations.

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Late Night Preferential Runway Use Data (0100 – 0600)

SFO’s Nighttime Preferential Runway Use program was developed in 1988. Although the program cannot be used 100% of the time because of winds, weather, and other operational factors, the Airport, the Community Roundtable, the FAA, and the Airlines have all worked together to maximize its use when conditions permit. The program is voluntary; compliance is at the discretion of the pilot in command. The main focus of this program is to maximize flights over water and minimize flights over land and populated areas between 1am and 6am. Fortunately, because airport activity levels are lower late at night, it is feasible to use over water departure procedures more frequently than would be possible during the day.

Download Late Night Preferential Runway Use Data (0100 - 0600)


Air Carrier Runway Use Summary Report Data (24 Hours)

As a partner to the preferential Runway Use Report, this is the data for all hours of use by runway and operation. The two sets of parallel runways at SFO are ten degrees to the right of each true compass heading. For example Runways 01L/R are 010 degrees or ten degrees to the right of North and the last digit is dropped. The opposite runway to Runways 01L/R is 180 degrees from that and they are Runways 19L/R facing south. Our other runways are the westerly and easterly facing runways numbered Runways 28 L/R and Runways 10 L/R respectively. This report captures the arrival and departure data in addition to the percentage of utilization by month separately for each runway pair.

Download Air Carrier Runway Use Summary Report Data (24 Hours)